Do I still have a claim if my exposure to noise was a long time ago?
YES. In many cases hearing problems are not noticed for many years after the end of your noisy employment. You may have to turn the TV volume up louder than others in your family, or miss parts of conversations when in company. Often people put this hearing deterioration down to old age when in fact it could be Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). If in doubt contact us without any obligation whatsoever for free advice.

The Company I used to work for does not exist anymore?
Do not concern yourself. We have available to us vast databases where we can trace companies that have gone out of business many years ago and find out who their insurers were at that time of your employment. It is likely that we can intimate a claim against that insurer, even though your ex-employer has ceased trading. If in doubt please phone or email us and we will, without charge, advise you whether we can trace your ex-employer and/or their insurers.

Will I have to pay anything if I lose my claim?
No. If you lose your claim you will not have to pay anything.

What is a ‘No Win No Fee’ Agreement?
Formally known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) this is a way of funding your claim that will give you peace of mind as it will cost you nothing if your claim is not successful. If your claim does not succeed then we will not be paid at all.

Can I call or email you for truly FREE initial advice?
Absolutely yes – it will cost you nothing. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have whether it is about funding your claim (see below) or anything else troubling you, without any charge. We will put your best interests first. Remember, we have dealt with many claims similar to yours so please do not feel intimated as I am sure other clients have asked the same questions. Your contact will be responded to by a friendly lawyer who will talk in plain English to explain and advise you further. We are happy to talk to a family member or any other person you nominate if it makes things easier for you. We have built our reputation on friendly client relations and look forward to discussing matters with you. Where necessary, we will undertake an initial investigation into your claim without charge, just to ensure you have the basis for a claim as we certainly do not want to waste your time pursuing a claim on your behalf that lacks merit and may ultimately fail.

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