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Video Gallery

Family Law

What To Do When Considering Cohabitation

When you are considering cohabitation, it is worth involving a solicitor, in order to save trouble further down the line

FAQ: How Are Children Affected By A Relationship Breakdown?

As a Family Lawyer, Teresa understands the differing needs for parents and children in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Financial Settlements in the Event of a Relationship Breakdown

In this video, Teresa talks about how financial settlements are finalised in the event of a relationship breakdown.


While prenuptials are not legally binding, a solicitor can help with them.

Industrial Disease

Introduction: Jon Winters

Roper James Solicitors is pleased to introduce Jon Winters, He is the head of our Industrial Disease department in our Plymouth branch.

FAQ: Military Hearing Loss Effects

Most of the time when people are exposed to loud noises, they are wearing hearing protection, however you can still be effected in the future.

Are You Eligible For A Military Hearing Loss Claim?

Some people think that after a certain amount of time the incident that caused hearing loss can no longer be claimed against. In this video, Jon talks through this misconception.

Personal Injury Claims

Introduction: Jason Harris

Roper James Solicitors is pleased to introduce Jason Harris, he is an associates in our Personal Injury Claims department.

How To Have A Successful Personal Injury Claim

In this video, Jason explains the process of starting a personal injury claim

FAQ: What Can I Do To Assist With My Personal Injury Claim?

Jason describes the types of documents and evidence required to support a personal injury claim.

Wills and Probate

Introduction: Melanie Cotterill

Melanie is the head of our Wills and Probate department and establishes what that entails and how they can help you.

How Can I Protect Assets For My Children?

Where there's complex family units, it's important to ensure there's fairness for all family members. We ensure this happens as well as making sure you will have the funds for care facilities in the future.

The Responsibilities Of An Executor

Taking on the role of Executor is an extremely important role and one that, as Melanie explains, can impact your personal liability.

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