Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

Our experienced Conveyancing Team are here to help you. We give clear advice to help make the process of buying or selling your property run as smoothly as possible. When you make an enquiry for us to conduct work on your behalf we will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs and timeframes as part of our Treating Clients Fairly Policy and update you if there are any changes. We offer fixed fees in most cases and details of these are shown below.


Fees for the straightforward sale or purchase of a freehold property which is registered with the Land Registry:-

Property Value - Sale or Purchase Price




Up to


£850.00 plus VAT - £1,150.00 plus VAT



£1,150.00 plus VAT - £1,650.00 plus VAT



£1,650.00 plus VAT - £2,250.00 plus VAT



£2,250.00 plus VAT - £2,750.00 plus VAT+

Possible Additional Charge


Our Charges

If property is Leasehold

£250 plus VAT

If property is a New Build

£250 plus VAT

Statutory Declaration

£150 plus VAT

Arranging Bespoke Indemnity Insurance

£150 plus VAT

Redemption of Second Mortgage

£150 plus VAT

Help to Buy ISA

£100 plus VAT

Each CHAPS payment out

£34 plus VAT

For properties being bought or sold at over £800,000 please contact us to discuss fees. For other types of property, such as Leasehold or unregistered land, please contact us to discuss fees.
In addition, we will charge various disbursements which are fixed fees charged to us by providers of various services. These vary depending on the transaction.

For a straightforward SALE they will be:-

£6-£12 for Office Copies from HM Land Registry

£17 + VAT Bank Transfer Fee per payment

£17 + VAT – Bank Transfer Arrangement Fee per payment

These are for payments made by us using the CHAPS payment system such as for discharging a mortgage or sending net proceeds to you at the conclusion.

If there is a 2nd mortgage or additional charge on the property then we would charge an additional £50 plus vat per additional mortgage or charge.

For a straightforward PURCHASE they will be:-

From £20 – £270 (depending on purchase price) – HM Land Registry Registration Fee
£3 – HM Land Registry Search Fee
Combined Search Fee – (incorporating Local Search, Drainage and Water Search and Environmental Search) – £249.36 – £364.60 depending on local authority.

Mining Search may be required depending on location – £62.99
£2 per name – Bankruptcy Search (if purchasing with a mortgage).
£17 + VAT – Bank Transfer Fee
£17 + VAT – Bank Transfer Arrangement Fee
Stamp Duty will be payable in addition to the above fees. This is a fixed fee charged by HM Revenue and Customs. We will discuss this with you as the rates are not straightforward.

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