Military Hearing Loss Claims

Military Hearing Loss Claims

Military Hearing Loss Claims – Those serving in the armed forces are often expected to perform their jobs in close proximity to artillery fire, guns, vehicle engines, and explosions of every sort, often leading to the degradation of hearing over time. And while many people believe that this is a normal by-product of serving in the military, this is absolutely not the case and should not be considered typical. Those who have experienced noise-induced hearing loss due to negligence or improper ear protection and safety protocols could be entitled to compensation due to potential effects on both professional military careers and later civilian life. The recent discovery that the Ministry of Defence could be responsible for the reimbursement of at least 310 soldiers who were negatively impacted by hearing loss sustained while testing Ajax military vehicles is a high-profile example of military personnel receiving compensation for hearing loss sustained as a result of negligent safety protocols, but injury instances in all branches of the military are not uncommon. Although accidents do occur, the MoD has a duty to protect your safety and health when not in direct combat, as well as to provide you with the proper equipment and training. If you suspect that you may have suffered hearing loss or developed tinnitus as a result of improper noise exposure, the expert legal consultants at Roper James are prepared to help you understand your situation and discuss your options for reimbursement.

While weapons and gunfire are the common culprits when it comes to hearing loss, any noise that reaches over eighty-five decibels—whether vehicular or mechanical—that was endured without proper safety precautions in place can cause lasting hearing damage or tinnitus. Negligence can take many forms and can include, but is not limited to:

  • A lack of hearing protection during the exposure to noise
  • Improper treatment or diagnosis of noise-induced hearing loss
  • Improper training before exposure to regular high decibel noises
  • Negligence regarding discharge of weapons or explosions without the proper precautions

There are already many government compensation schemes in place designed for military personnel who were injured during service, most notably the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Additionally, the Crown Proceedings (Armed Forces) Act 1987 protects those who wish to file a claim for injuries sustained during military service. Filing for military hearing loss claims is easier than many people believe. Even if you have previously had hearing tests conducted with no adverse indicators, the degradation often worsens over time, and you should not assume that you will not qualify. Being eligible for a military noise-induced hearing loss claim generally requires:

  • Having served in the armed forces: You may be eligible to file a claim if you served in the military in any capacity during your exposure to noise, regardless of your position. This includes basic training.
  • Exposure to noise that occurred before May 1987: Even if you served in the armed forces before this date, as long as the majority of your service exposure occurred after May of 1987, you may still be able to file for a military hearing loss claim.
  • Exposure to noise with improper safety precautions: Diagnosed hearing loss or tinnitus is not a prerequisite to filing a claim. In cases of minor hearing loss, consider how conditions may impact your future should they begin to deteriorate.

If you aren’t sure if you meet these qualifications, contact Roper James for a free initial consultation in order to assess your eligibility and receive initial advice about filing a claim. Every person’s circumstance is unique, and you can feel confident that the experts at Roper James will be able to evaluate your individual situation and advise you on the best course of action. Don’t wait to seek reimbursement, reach out to seek help today!

Roper James offer a no win no fee agreement so if your claim was not to succeed for any reason then you would not be liable for any costs.

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