Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

We are medical negligence solicitors specialising in medical negligence claims whether they arise as a result of medical accidents, poor care either from a GP or Hospital, or mis-prescribed drugs from the chemist.
Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors.

Our very experienced team of clinical and medical negligence solicitors will help to ensure that you are compensated fully if we can show that there was medical negligence and that it has caused you some harm.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence claims can be made if a health care professional has acted negligently whilst you were in their care and the circumstances mean that you have suffered mentally, physically or financially as a result. If this is the case then you could be entitled to a compensation claim.

“Failure to diagnose, Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis, failure to undertake appropriate investigations, failure to refer to appropriate specialist.”

What classes as Medical Negligence

Problems with Diagnosis, including:
Incorrect Anaesthetic use
Surgical errors
Poor Aftercare
Hospital falls

Prescription errors, including:
Giving wrong prescription, giving the wrong dosage, dispensing the wrong prescription or dosage.

What Next?

Looking at all the circumstances, our medical negligence solicitors will review your options, discuss them with you, answer your questions and outline the help you may be able to expect from us. This may include putting in place care needs or aids and assistance.

Even if you haven’t specifically suffered any of the above examples but believe you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, contact us and we will review your situation and advise you accordingly.

As medical negligence solicitors we can offer a No Win No Fee arrangement from the outset.

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