Making A Will – Bespoke Is Best

Making A Will – Bespoke Is Best

Writing a homemade Will, or making a Will online can often seem a great option, but are you really doing what is best for those you leave behind?

Making a Will to ensure your assets pass on death to your chosen loved ones, at a time that is right for them, is priceless.

Family circumstances are often quite complicated and it is not unusual for a client to present one of the following concerns, when I am taking their Will instructions :-

  • Second marriage
  • Children from a previous marriage
  • Living with a long term partner
  • Elderly parents living in their home
  • A son or daughter getting divorced
  • A child with learning difficulties or disabled
  • A potential beneficiary of their estate going through bankruptcy
  • Assets which could be liable to an Inheritance Tax charge on death

If you have any of the circumstances above in your life, do not leave it to chance, take the opportunity to have a free half hour consultation with one of our dedicated and experienced team to ensure you have considered all aspects of your estate.

A bespoke Will to meet your family needs is not as expensive as you think.

At Roper James, we pride ourselves on our transparent fee structure so you know at the outset exactly what your Will will cost to prepare and sign.

We also store your Will to ensure it will be found after your death at no extra charge, together with registering the Will at the National Will Register, so that your loved ones will be able to locate the Will after you die. The Will Registry do not know the content of your Will, merely the fact that you have made a Will and where it will be found.

If you cannot get to the office, we will visit you at no extra cost  within 20 miles of one of our branches detailed below.

St Andrew Street Plymouth

Fore Street Ivybridge

Fore Street Saltash

Call us now on 01752546448 to book your free no obligation appointment

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