Plymouth Asbestos Related Illnesses

Plymouth Asbestos Related Illnesses


Historically, in common with a lot of Plymothians, the late Mr Raymond Jones worked his entire life at HM Devonport Dockyard from leaving school at the age of 15 until his retirement.

He worked in the electrical department on board many ships and submarines; HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle to name but two. It was during this service that he was regularly exposed to asbestos as his duties included removing old electrical equipment and cabling and replacing with new. On numerous occasions this involved cutting through asbestos sheets and working amongst asbestos dust.

As a consequence of this exposure to asbestos, Mr Jones tragically contracted mesothelioma, an incurable and aggressive fatal disease and sadly passed away some 12 months following the diagnosis.

What we did?

Tim Roper was initially approached by the late Mr Jones daughter, Ms Debbie Barber, with a view of bringing an action against the Ministry of Defence (his previous employer at HM Dockyard) for negligently exposing her Father to asbestos which, as a consequence, led to him developing mesothelioma. Mr Jones was not provided with training nor protective equipment. The claim was pursued by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) otherwise known as a No Win No Fee Agreement. This would have protected Mr Jones in the event the claim was unsuccessful as he would not have been liable for any costs. A detailed witness statement was then obtained from Mr Jones and a work colleague and Court proceedings were subsequently issued. After protracted litigation, a settlement was agreed with the late Mr Jones accepting over £180,000 in full and final settlement of his claim.


Tim Roper says: “The circumstances of this claim are tragic in that this was and is a preventable disease. Despite the distress caused to the late Mr Jones and his family, I was pleased that I was able to obtain substantial damages within his life time.”

Debbie Barber says “This was a terribly distressing time for both my family and my late Dad but Tim dealt with the matter in an extremely professional and empathetic manner to achieve a successful outcome. The compensation was welcomed to cover additional help and care to relieve me of any added stress during this awful time. I could then spend more quality time with him and appreciate the final few months of his life."

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