£510,000 Claim for Personal Injury

£510,000 Claim for Personal Injury


On the 17th October 2016 John was operating a tele-truck for a waste & refuse company and stepped onto the ground where a screw that was amongst the rubbish went into his foot. He spoke to a senior colleague and told him what had happened and he was going home after feeling a lot of pain in his foot. When he got home, he found that a screw had gone straight through his boot and into his foot.

The following Wednesday he went to the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, where he was urgently taken to James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough. Due to the severity of the injury and subsequent infection John had to have his right leg amputated just below the knee.

What we did?

Through a recommendation, he contacted Roper James Solicitors, with Jason Harris from Roper James taking on the case. Despite Jason laying out a clear case to the Defendant’s insurers and legal team, the Defendant continued to deny liability and court proceedings were commenced. An out of court settlement of £100,000 was offered but Roper James declined. The claim was subject to the Court process and liability, causation and quantum were still denied. A Barrister, Tom Challacombe, was instructed to assist with the claim. The matter concluded on 29th June 2021 by way of a joint settlement meeting which is a meeting between the parties to attempt to settle the claim. Jason and Tom managed to secure a settlement figure of £510,000 in favour of our client, John.


John stated, “I couldn’t have asked for better service from Roper James and Jason, who handled my case. They helped things move along as smoothly as possible with constant communication and updates to keep us in the loop about what was going on so nothing from Jason came as a surprise. The updates were detailed enough so we could prepare for the next set of information that was needed. I would highly recommend Roper James and I have their contact details in wallet at all times just in case I meet anyone that can benefit from their services.”

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