Clinical Negligence From Ongoing Hip Pain

Clinical Negligence From Ongoing Hip Pain


When Lisa experienced severe hip and groin pain in January 2018, she knew something must be wrong. She was working as a postal delivery person at the time and her job involved miles of walking every day. Initially, a muscle strain was diagnosed by her GP, but this did not improve, and she underwent x-rays a month later, the results of which were clear.
Unfortunately, in March 2018 Lisa had a fall resulting in a fractured hip. This prompted a review of her initial x-rays and revealed the presence of stress fracture which had been overlooked. Unfortunately, Lisa required major surgery to repair and stabilise her fracture but when she continued to have problems, ultimately a total hip replacement was the only option. Sadly, Lisa has been unable to return to the job she loved, delivering mail, and has been forced to find less physically demanding work. She faces the prospect of further surgery in the future, and all of this could have been avoided if her initial x-ray had been correctly reported at the outset.

What we did?

Lisa contacted Roper James Solicitors and Frances Morgan took on her case. After working with Lisa to investigate her claim, the case was put to the Defendant who admitted liability for their failure to spot the fracture on the initial x-ray.


A settlement of £300,000 was secured for Lisa by a negotiated process without the need to go to court.

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