Hearing Loss – Noise Induced

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims

Noise induced hearing loss claims, or industrial deafness claims, traditionally arose from the hard industrial processes such as steel making, ship-building and repair and the car assembly plants where the employees were exposed to sustained periods of excessively loud noise.

What types of hearing loss injuries would this cover?

In addition to the noise induced hearing loss causes already mentioned above there are other ways the injury can be caused that could entitle you to compensation. We will mention some below, but if you believe you have suffered hearing loss as a result of your working environment, whether we list it below ot not, then contact us today and let us see if we can help you claim your entitled compensation.

Noise induced hearing loss claims industry examples

  • Steel Making
  • Ship Building and Repair
  • Car Assembly Plants
  • Noisy Factories
  • Construction Industry
  • Road Workers.

You may still be entitled to make a noise induced hearing loss claim even if the exposure to the loud noise occurred many years ago but the typical symptoms of difficulty in hearing and/or tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) have only just become apparent.

Signs of noise induced hearing loss

Many people who have worked in noisy environments in the past often don’t realise, or want to admit, that they now have a problem with hearing loss as a result.

If you recognise some or all these symptoms and have previously worked in a noisy environment then contact us to discuss your situation:

  • Do you need the TV louder than other people?
  • Do you sometimes not hear the doorbell?
  • Do you sometimes you miss the phone ringing
  • If there is background noise do you struggle to follow a conversation?
  • Do you often need to ask people to repeat themselves?

When can employers be liable for industrial deafness claims?

The Company or employer would be at fault if at the relevant times they failed to ensure a safe system of working which may include the supply of, and monitoring the use of, ear defenders that has result in industrial deafness.

The noise level at which employers should be enforcing the use of ear defenders is 85db as regular exposure to noise above this level are hazardous to hearing.
HSE web page on decibel level regulation

Sample noises that can lead to industrial deafness claims

Below is a list indicating the noise levels encountered when using various machines or in various environments. If you think you have been exposed to noise through anything listed below, or any other source of loud noise at work, please contact us for a free claim assessment. (Source: hse.gov.uk)

Source ~ db range
Riveting / Boiler shop 110 – 120
Punch Presses 105 – 115
Chainsaws 100 – 110
Road Drill 95 – 105
Bar of Nightclub 90 – 100
Power Drill 85 – 95

Industrial deafness claims FAQ

If my company has closed, can I still claim?
Yes, you can. We have a lot of experience in dealing with this issue.

What if I don’t like to claim against my employer?
It is not your employer you claim against as such. You employer will have taken out insurance to cover just these kind of incidents. Insurance companies pay your damages and our legal costs.

Will I need to take a medical to assess my hearing loss?
Yes but we will make all the arrangements for this and the assessment will be done close to your home and at no cost to you.

Will I need to attend court to give evidence?
The vast majority of cases do not require you to attend court.

How long will my case take?
Although some cases can take longer most are settled within 12 to 18 months.

What if I worked for more than one employer?
If you have suffered injury due to the fault of more than one employer then you can claim against all of them.