Asbestos Exposure


Asbestos Compensation Claims

Even minimal exposure to asbestos can lead to a raft of serious illnesses such as mesothelioma and lung cancer, even though the exposure was many years ago and entitle suffers to make Asbestos Compensation Claims.

Asbestos Compensation Claims

Asbestos was widely used through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Its unique properties meant it was frequently used in insulation, fire-proofing, and in the motor industry for brake linings and when welding body parts. It was also heavily used in shipbuilding, the railways, power stations and by plumbers. Workers did not realise the dangers of working with asbestos and we at Roper James have dealt with men who would throw asbestos around as part of a ‘snowball fight’ not realising the deadly consequences.

Use of asbestos came at a cost. Many who breathed the dust eventually developed  disabling and sometimes fatal diseases. These diseases took many years to develop. The time  between inhaling asbestos fibres and the onset of symptoms ranges from 10 to 50 years or more.

If you worked with asbestos, even if it was many years ago you may be affected.

What illnesses are related to Asbestos?

There are many different types of asbestos related conditions and they each vary in severity. The conditions include Pleural Plaques, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer.

Asbestosis :- this is a serious respiratory disease which is caused as a result of exposure to asbestos. Long-term involvement with the substance and inhaling asbestos fibres can bring about this disease which often leads to difficulty in breathing.
What the NHS says about Abestosis

Mesothelioma :- is a form of cancer which not only affects the lining of the lung but can effect the heart and abdomen as well. This disease has a strong link to asbestos and normally takes 20-50 years to develop. As a result, you may have long retired from a job before the disease becomes apparent.
What the NHS says about Mesothelioma

What professions have been most at risk?

The people most at risk of getting an asbestos related disease are those who worked with it over long periods. This would include:-

Asbestos compensation related professions:
Building Workers
Railway Workers
Power Station Workers
Chemical Plant Workers
Ship Building
Car Mechanics
Car Production Workers

It is a sad fact however that even a very short period of exposure can cause an asbestos related disease. There have also been successful asbestos compensation claims involving people living near factories which processed asbestos.

What next?

<>Even if your profession is not listed above as one of the professions we see most regularly succeeding in an asbestos compensation claim, if you believe that you may have fallen ill because of asbestos, then contact us and let us discuss your circumstances with you and advise you accordingly.