Acoustic Shock

Acoustic Shock Compensation

These claims are sadly the modern day equivalent of Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims and can be suffered by employees such as call centre operators or anyone who wears a telephone headset.

What injuries may lead to Acoustic Shock Compensation?

Acoustic shock is most commonly caused to people who wear telephone headsets who can be exposed to bursts of relatively high frequency and/or high intensity audio sounds; the exposure to which can unfortunately lead to damage to the ears and a resultant loss in hearing.

Sadly, these claims are becoming more and more prevalent.

So if your hearing is deteriorating and you believe it to be caused by the use of telephone headsets or similar, especially if you work in one of the professions below, then contact us and let see if you should be entitled to acoustic shock compensation for the damage caused.

Acoustic shock compensation liable professions:
Telephone receptionists
Call Center Operators
Telephone Engineers

Even if your profession is not listed above, if you believe that as a result of your work requirements to wear headsets your hearing has been damaged, then contact us and let us discuss your circumstances with you and advise you accordingly.